Controlled Food Prices in Israel

Several food items in Israel are price-controlled and regulated by the government. The government sets the MAXIMUM price for these products, and it is illegal to sell them at a higher prices (though you might sometimes find them at a cheaper price, of course).

The law also states that grocery stores have to display a list of these regulated products visibly in the store. These are the products – and their maximum allowed prices. Don’t pay above that!

  • Important Tip: Some manufacturers will try to “trick” you by selling similar products at higher prices. For example – “enriched” milk might look almost the same as the regular one, but can cost double. Same goes for all the types of “special” bread, etc’.

Price Controlled Food Items in Israel

The ItemSize / PackagingMaximum Price (in Shekels)
Lechem Achid (dark bread, not sliced)750g5.11
White Bread (not sliced)750g5.11
Challa (traditional bread, unwrapped)500g5.58
Lechem Achid - Wrapped and sliced750g7.67
White Bread - Wrapped and sliced750g6.82
Regular kitchen salt1kg2.09
Regular table salt1kg2.09
3% Milk in a BAG1 liter5.30
1% Milk in a BAG1 liter4.95
3% Milk in a CARTON 1 liter6.30
1% Milk in a CARTON1 liter5.90
Eshel (a simple yogurt of sorts), %4.5200mg pack1.65
Gil (yet another strange yogurt), %3.5200mg pack1.52
Sour Cream 15%200mg pack2.44
Sweet Cream %38250mg carton6.60
Regular Butter100g4.13
Emmek (Hard cheese), %281kg45.45
Gilboa (Hard cheese), 22%1kg43.14
White Cheese 5% (soft, low-fat cream cheese)250g pack5.11
Eggs - XLBox of 1213.60
Eggs - LBox of 1212.50
Eggs - MediumBox of 1211.50

The full updated list can also be found (in Hebrew) on Israel’s Ministry of Industry’s website.

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