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Smiling SunMoving to a new country is tough. Not as tough as it used to be, with so much information available online – but it’s still not an easy endeavour.

Occasionally I get to speak with people who plan to move to Israel (or FROM Israel), and I often get the sense that there’s one crucial part missing from all the online moving-to-xxx guides: how to plan your daily life as a consumer. You’ll find plenty of information around the web (and in books) about the actual process of moving to Israel, about your rights as a Jew coming here, your Aliya package, etc – but who’s going to tell you what supermarket to go to? who’s going to teach you how not to get ripped off with your mobile phone contract?

Well, hopefully, that’ll be me. The point of this website is to help you becomeĀ a SMART consumer in Israel, and to save money on the way. There’s internet and mobile phones and TV services all over the world – but the registration process, the prices, the habits – are just a little different in every country. I’ll try to help you where it comes to Israel.

Who am I?

For several years I’ve been running the popular Israeli website “Hashekel” – a personal finance blog in Hebrew, about being frugal, saving money, living with a budget, etc’. If your Hebrew is good enough – do pay us a visit there. Until then, you can use MyIsraeliFriend for your first steps in our crazy consumer ways here in Israel.

Important Update – While a lot of the basic information here is still relevant, I haven’t updated the site in recent years, because I relocated to… London. Naturally, I still blog about financial topics, over at Savvy Londoner, and I also have a UK TV cord cutting blog.

Good Luck!


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Recently started living in Israel? Thinking about Aliyah and moving to Israel? MyIsraeliFriend is here to help with your day-to-day life as a smart consumer in Israel.

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